How to play Lottery with Bitcoin

Besides being a really innovative idea in the e-commerce field, Bitcoin is used in many other businesses. Casinos started to accept Bitcoin as soon as it gained popularity and right now there are multiple websites where you can play Bitcoin Lottery.

Despite a normal lottery where the results can be easily manipulated into selecting an option where no one would win the grand jackpot, a Bitcoin lottery runs on the blockchain, assuring a fair result to anyone in the game. Every year millions of dollars go unclaimed in traditional lottery games, but due to blockchain technology, playing the lottery with bitcoins eliminates this risk almost completely.

Bitcoin Lottery Sites

There are a lot of Bitcoin lottery websites where people can play – one of the most interesting ones of them being TrueFlip. It is an International anonymous blockchain lottery with one-moment payouts, an open source code and a transparent prize fund. They give a free ticket to every new player so here is your chance to play BTC lottery for free!

Bitcoin Lottery

TrueFlip Jackpot

Their jackpot is 100BTC right now and a ticket for it cost 0.001 BTC (~$3). You can easily play the lottery here. There a 5/49 – where you need to pick 5 numbers from 1 to 49 and 1 from 26 numbers. And if you guess them – you won the jackpot. You’re 1.3 times more likely to win the jackpot here instead of the Powerball.

A great thing about the Bitcoin lottery is that it is 100% anonymous. Despite a normal one where there are some people that know the identity of the winners, on Bitcoin your identity is secure. Another great thing is that once you’ve won a jackpot, the money will be sent to your account instantly – without having to wait a certain time to get them. There’s also a level of transparency that allows you to check if the results have been generated right. Also, on a typical Bitcoin Lottery website – you have more than 2 options of currency which you can use to buy a ticket.

This being said, if you want to play the lottery – at least play the Bitcoin lottery and keep your identity secure & receive your payments in no time.