World Bank President Expressing Excitement on Blockchain Technology

Jim Yong Kim Bitcoin

World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim said that the Blockchain technology which runs behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is “something everyone is excited about”, earlier this month.

Mr Kim asserted that “Blockchain technology is something that everyone is excited about, but we have to remember that Bitcoin is one of the very few instances.”. He added words of caution with, “it’s very important that if we go forward with it, we’re sure that it’s not going to be used to exploit.”

Being cautionary with his words is only understandable from the President of the institution that lends money to national governments. This can also be seen as a sign of trust in the future technologies evolving from blockchain. World Bank also launched a blockchain development laboratory this past summer and has supported research projects that seek to apply the tech in areas like capital formation.

What does this mean for Blockchain Technology and especially Bitcoin Gambling?

For Bitcoin enthusiasts, this is an ode to ears as the position by World Bank further enhances the legitimacy of Bitcoin and opens up new innovations in the field. Fans of Bitcoin casinos can also take a breather as it seems Bitcoin and gambling related to cryptocurrencies are gaining more stable standing with the real big players taking a step towards cryptocurrencies.

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